State of the Meeting 2020


Des Moines Valley Friends Meeting has taken on even deeper meaning as our spiritual home this year as we face a pandemic, racial injustice, deaths, and declining health among some of our members and attenders. At the same time, we enjoy the blessing of families with young children joining us as we strive for greater understanding of our grounding as Friends.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been having worship and other activities on Zoom. Overall, we are pleased with the experience. While virtual meetings lack the intimacy of person-to-person exchanges, it has been a pleasant surprise how rich our sharing of joys and concerns after worship has been. Being on Zoom has allowed Friends from a distance to join us. First Day school is also being offered virtually.

Our spiritual grounding has moved the Meeting to minister to those whose health is declining and/or who may be confined to their homes. Members of Ministry and Counsel and others in the meeting have offered help with errands and frequent contact through phone calls, emails, and cards and letters.

This year we mourned deaths of seasoned Friends and the children of Friends. We have offered spiritual and practical support including food and companionship to those who are ill and to the families and friends of those who died. The Meeting felt blessed to be able to provide support and comfort by coordinating memorial services for Friends and members of Meeting families, including the family of a beloved co-clerk.

Members and attenders of DMVF Meeting felt enriched by mid-year meeting. Although different because of the virtual format, the presentations and discussions were thoughtful and enriched our spirits.

Our Peace and Social Concerns committee and other Friends have been active in community and national affairs. Members and attenders have taken part in demonstrations, written newspaper opinion pieces, and worked in other ways to move us toward a society more reflective of our basic Quaker principles.