2021 Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) Annual Sessions


144th Annual Session of Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative), July 22-25

A tapestry evokes interconnectedness, with many interdependent threads coming together to create beauty, strength and vitality. As Spirit guides us, we will gather this year to celebrate all of our gifts. Beginning within each person’s heart and spirit and rippling out to our monthly and yearly meeting, to Scattergood, our country and the broader world, many of us sense that dramatic transformation is happening now.

As we gather, we trust that we will glimpse new understanding of how disparate threads, including connecting more intimately with the light, working to address systemic racism and economic inequality, practicing sustainability, seeking right relationship with Indigenous Peoples, welcoming migrants and championing peace, are intimately connected. This year’s workshops, panels, worship sharing, Bible study, evening collections and concert, and pre-meeting speaker offer opportunities for each of us to be stretched into deeper connection with one another as we share the Spirit-led work of transforming ourselves and the world into Beloved Community. Please join us!

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, July 14, 2021 at 5:00 PM

For more information and a complete schedule click here:   2021 Annual Sessions